Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Good Year of Creep Sheep

We would like to invite you to play Creep Sheep for its anniversary. It is a very addictive game. Try to keep your fox alive for as long as possible to beat each others High Scores and compete on who's best among your friends.

Competition can also be measured by the amount of secrets you unlock. The greater the number the better you are and the more difficulties have been played. Each secret is visible and it will look like this if you unlock one:

no we wont show you the actual secret itself... That's why they are called secrets!

What makes the game even more fun than competition are the different challenges that you'll face while on the hunt. For example in winter time (game season) the ground is slippery. This could lead to the following

Many more challenges await you in the game and you do not want to take all the unknown right away. But we let you into one small secret: it is a ton of fun and very easy to play! It is for people of every age!

Now show us what you've got! Good luck beating our high scores!

If you are on your Android Handset click the following Link:
Creep Sheep Free

Else here is the QR-Code: (Works great with the Barcode Scanner)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introducing Creep Sheep

As of yesterday 11pm (GMT+1) our first game was published in the Android Market. It is a small casual game about a fox hunting sheep. The game is not meant to be serious, but a fun small casual game to pass time on a bus or train or waiting of any kind.

The game:
The fox's job is to hunt the sheep for their meat to feed his family. Obstacles and a farmer make things more difficult. The concept of time running out while collecting all the sheep makes for a very exciting game. To make the game even more fun, we introduced some night hunts, moving farmer, different obstacles, increasing sheep count and 4 seasons. But do not take the sheep lightly. When they are mad, they could strike back...

The game play:
Game play is very easy to understand: tap the screen to move the fox to that position. There is no need to wait for the fox to get to that position, just tap the next point. This will automatically create a path with different stops for the fox to jump along. Every sheep in his path will be caught, so no need to click on every single sheep.
When the fox hunts at night, the whole screen is dark and lightning will show everything for a short moment. Remember where the sheep, obstacles and farmer are and create a path in the dark collecting all the sheep.
If the farmer caught the fox, the player has to shake the phone until the "shake bar" disappears. Failing to do so will end in a "Game Over". Success leads to the fox being able to continue his hunt.
During winter time, the ground is very slippery. Here the fox will slide on the ground, whenever landing from a jump. This is something to consider when planning the path through the snow.

Some Secrets are hidden in the game and are waiting to be unlocked. Those secrets are only available in the full version. We are not telling what they are as they are secrets. ;-)

Android Market Link
Creep Sheep Free

Thank you for your visit and support and we hope to see you back soon.